Leaders in oncology gathered to commemorate the 1971 signing of the National Cancer Act at the Nixon National Conference Dec. 2.  

A full recording of the conference appears here.

The conference began with a panel including James P. Allison, David Baltimore, Phillip Sharp, and Andrew von Eschenbach, titled “The National Cancer Act – Discovering Cancer’s Secrets.” Later in the day, Stephan A. Grupp, Lori J. Pierce, Peter Pisters, and Steven T. Rosen spoke during the panel “The National Cancer Act – Saving Lives, From Hopelessness to Hope.”  

The third panel, “The National Cancer Act – Changing the Future of Cancer,” included William W. Li, Stephen Hahn, Mauro Ferrari, Larry Norton, and Anna Barker.

NCI Director Ned Sharpless, the event’s keynote speaker, focused on the National Cancer Act’s role in modernizing NCI.