Sarah Cannon was the real name of the television and radio personality, Minnie Pearl. Sarah Cannon received treatment for breast cancer at the founding center in Nashville. Afterwards, she offered the use of her name to promote cancer research and patient education with a vision of offering patients convenient access to early detection, clinical trials and a team approach to cancer care.

Since its inception in 1993, Sarah Cannon has taken many first steps in the fight against cancer, beginning with clinical research. With the focus of offering patients greater access to clinical trials at the earliest phases, Sarah Cannon’s founders established the first community-based cancer research program and, four years later, formed the first drug development program outside of an academic setting.

Formally named Sarah Cannon Research Institute in 2004, its offerings expanded into communities across the United States and United Kingdom to form one of the largest patient-centric clinical trial organizations in the world conducting drug development at all phases, including first-in-human studies. Through its global expertise and reach, Sarah Cannon has been instrumental in advancing therapies for patients through new drug approvals for nearly three decades.

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