Originally published October 27, 2015

Everett Dodson is a Community Health Educator in the Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities Research at the Georgetown/Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, a position he has held for 8 years.

How and why did you become a patient advocate?

ED: My awareness about the importance of patient advocacy was raised while at the Howard University Cancer Center. Many of the men participating in the prostate cancer screenings had no health insurance. A number of them required follow-up due to a negative screening result. After contacting and explaining the situation I was able to get a number of these men into Howard University Hospital for assessment and treatment. It was important to establish an ongoing relationship with the men to encourage them to keep their scheduled appointments and adhere to the treatment regimens.

What unique experiences shaped your professional journey and led you to where you are today?

ED: While at the Howard University Cancer Center, I had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Virgil Simons, the founder and CEO of The Prostate Net and Prostate Net Europa. He shared his journey from prostate cancer survivor to patient advocate and has greatly influenced my career as an advocate. We are the best of friends who readily seek each other’s advice.

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