What’s inside:

  • Survivorship: Gaining Momentum – Third Annual Assembly Opens November 18
    • Participants in the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship will address a wide variety of survivor issues.
Survivors Day! New Haven, CT–Clowning and capering at the celebration sponsored by the Yale Comprehensive Cancer Center and the ACS Connecticut Division
  • Letter from the President, by Fitzhugh Mullan, M.D.
  • NCI Devotes Tiny Percent of Budget to Survivorship Research, but Plans to Move Forward, by Natalie Davis Spingarn
    • Interview with Health Scientist Administrator Gotay of NCI on the $1.49 billion federal agency budget on survivorship research.
  • What’s News
    • Coverage on a pair biking for cancer survivors, storming Congress for more breast cancer research money on Bastille Day, and Natalie Davis Spingarn’s film award.
  • Third Annual Assembly Details
  • Celebrants Caper, Learn, Get Awards, Even Marry on First Survivors Day
Survivors Day, 1988
Survivors Day, 1988
Survivors Day, 1988
  • Advocacy Update, by Barbara Hoffman, J.D.
    • A regular column in the NCCS newsletter, highlighting legislation that addresses concerns of cancer survivors. This column covers two partial victories in Congress and in the courts.
  • People Watching
    • Profiles on Barbara Waligora-Serafin, Neil Fiore, and Denise Heassler.
  • Letters to the Editor