What’s inside:

  • Fifth Annual Meeting: Blockbuster Assembly Opens in Capital November 8; Participants to Address Advocacy, Personal Cancer Issues
    • Former Senator Paul Tsongas announced as keynote for fifth annual NCCS meeting, after his diagnosis with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
  • Letter from the President, by Fitzhugh Mullan, M.D.
  • “Keep Your Face Toward Delight:” Survivors Day Celebrates Life
Left: Hundreds of Jacksonville, FL, survivors celebrate “Living Beyond Tomorrow” as they parade along the banks of the St. Johns River.
Center: With a little help from 200 homing pigeons, the University of Chicago Hospitals launch “Triumph Over Cancer”–a new program of education and support services for survivors.
Right: At the huge Pittsburgh, PA Zoo gathering, survivors young and old join in creating the first segment of a mural expressing their messages of thanks, hope and encouragement.
8 year old lymphoma survivor Nicole Haines wears the “Celebrate Life” T-shirt she designed for all the participants in the Survivors Day Celebration at the Ireland Cancer Center University Hospitals of Cleveland, OH.
  • What’s News
  • Advocacy Update: One Way Up, One All the Way Down, by Barbara Hoffman, J.D.
    • Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act, the latter of which was vetoed by President Bush.
  • What’s News in Survivorship Issues: Pain Control, by Catherine Logan, NCCS Executive Director
    • Despite cancer patients reporting severe pain that interferes with daily activities, about half of them receive inadequate pain relief.
  • Networker Reader
  • People Watching
    • Profiles on Ellen Stovall, John Burklow, and Elizabeth A. Finchem.
  • Letters to the Editor