What’s inside:

  • Fifth Annual Meeting: Making Our Weight Felt at Rousing Washington Assembly
    • Larry Moore Elected Coalition President
    • Assembly Impressions: This is Great!
    • Dynamic Program Focuses on Advocacy
      • Over 450 people attended the fifth annual NCCS meeting in Washington, DC.
Keynoters Tsongas and Broder with NCCS’ Al Siu.
  • Letter from the Chair, by Fitzhugh Mullan, M.D.
    • Dr. Mullan steps into new role as NCCS Chair of the Board of Directors, with Larry Moore taking over as President.
  • Speaking Up for Ourselves
    • Panel summary on doctor/patient relations.
Patient/Doctor Communications–Hospital-gowned Larry Moore and Dr. Sheldon Greenfield.
  • Speaking Up for Personal Others
    • Panel summary on how advocates change the lives of all survivors.
Howard Johnson and Maggie Strong with panel moderator Danette Kauffman.
  • Speaking Up for the Community: Access to Health Care—the Insurance Dilemma
    • Panel summary on navigating health insurance.
Waiting in line to ask questions and make points at NCCS’ 1990 Washington Assembly.
  • Exploring the Mind/Body Connection
  • Survivor Lifestyles
  • Advocacy Update, by Barbara Hoffman, J.D.
    • NCCS worked to expand employment and insurance options for cancer survivors.
  • People Watching: First-Timers at the Assembly
    • Profiles on Linda Williams, Christina Yeung, Robert Mirsky, M.D., Linda Watkins, Jeanmarie Marshall, Beverley Freeman, William Magee, Mary Venn, Lorraine Perona, and Gregg Goldstein.
  • What’s News