What’s inside:

  • 6th Annual Meeting: Colorado Assembly Marks Progress and Promise for Survivorship – Two Pronged Program Lifts and Informs
    • Colorado Governor Roy Romer gave the opening statement at Sixth Annual NCCS meeting.
Saturday Night Live – Regular assembly-goers Ona and David Owen of Louisville, KY, join in the dancing after NCCS’ annual auction. Ona is a 4-year survivor of cancer of the abdominal wall.
  • NCCS Moves Headquarters to Nation’s Capital
  • Letter from the Chair, by Fitzhugh Mullan, M.D.
  • Advocacy Issues – Thread of Concern: Health Insurance Reform
  • Taking Care of Yourself
  • The Cutting Edge of Cancer Care
    • Panel on immunology with J. John Cohen, M.D.
NCCS President Larry Moore dons a hospital gown to lead the patient/doctor communications workshop.
  • Give and Take: “Professionalism & Intimacy”
  • Advocacy Update: The Insurer Has Your Money; You Have Mounting Medical Expenses, by Barbara Hoffman, J.D.
  • What’s News
  • People Watching
    • Profiles on Larry Hall, M.D., Teresa Jenkins Carson, John Anduri, Pamela Jackson, Jim Glennie, Trent L. Watts, Jann Rabin, Elaine S. Hill, Diane Sheahan, and Yolanda Lugo.
  • Letters to the Editor