What’s inside:

  • Albany Hosts First NCCS Regional Town Hall
Nearly 200 people, some from as far away as Vermont, gathered in Albany to speak out on survivorship.
  • Cultural Diversity Conference Draws Hundreds
NCCS board member Lovell Allan Jones, who played a leading role in organizing cultural diversity conference.
  • Many Voices – Letter from the Director, by Ellen L. Stovall
    • Ellen Stovall reflects on Albany’s many voices; the Albany panel of experts responds to survivors’ concerns, and ponders a regional network
  • “We All Need to Collaborate as We Can”
  • Survivors Quiz Experts at NJ Town Hall
  • “Trusting that the Harness Will Hold”: Reflections on Expedition Inspiration
    • Annette Porter’s photos and essay capture the spirit of a climb against breast cancer
An activist pauses to contemplate the long way up.
  • Ellen and Sally
    • Fond appreciations of Ellen Hermanson and Sally Hunderson
  • What’s News
  • Appreciations
  • Words that Heal, Words that Harm: “Well, At Least You Don’t Have AIDS”, by Elizabeth Johns Clark, Ph.D.