In March of 1970, a resolution was introduced by Senator Ralph W. Yarborough, to make the conquest of cancer a national goal of the highest priority.

The resolution authorized the Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, along with a panel of consultants, to examine and investigate cancer research activities, particularly (1) the present status and extent of scientific research conducted by governmental and nongovernmental agencies to ascertain the causes and develop means for the treatment, cure and elimination of cancer, (2) the prospect for success in such endeavors, and (3) means and measures necessary or desirable to facilitate success in such endeavors at the earliest possible time. The attached report is the result of this study.

The foreword was written by Senator Ralph W. Yarborough and the letter of transmittal was sent by Benno C. Schmitt.

AUTHORIZED BY S. Res. 376 (Agreed to by Senate April 27, 1970)