This video, originally published August 7, 2013, demonstrates the history of the role of the board-certified oncology pharmacist at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

Since Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey opened its doors some three decades ago, part of a patient’s care team has included a boardcertified oncology pharmacist (BCOP). BCOP certification demonstrates an institutional commitment to patient care. While not mandatory to hold this certification, pharmacists at Rutgers Cancer Institute are encouraged to strive for this level of excellence by their team leader Michael P. Kane, RPh, BCOP, who has been instrumental in the growth of the pharmacy program at the Institute since its inception.

Executive Director of Oncology Pharmacy Services at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey Michael P. Kane, RPh, BCOP (right) in 1999 with colleague Susan Goodin, PharmD, FCCP, BCOP, who served in numerous leadership roles at Rutgers Cancer Institute spanning pharmacy, clinical trials and statewide affairs during her time there.

With specialized knowledge about medications and how they work to fight cancer, the pharmacy team educates patients on what drugs are being used, how they work, and how they are safely administered. Their role is also focused on pain management and additional supportive care.

Behind the scenes, the team might be coordinating a patient’s chemotherapy dose, safely handling and storing investigational agents being used in clinical trials, or supporting research with investigational agents in human subjects. The expertise exhibited by the pharmacy team allows them to work together with patients and other members of their cancer care team to achieve the best possible outcome.