In this issue:

  • A fallen student’s endearing legacy
    Mila Rainof’s embrace of others has inspired an enduring memorial at the medical school.
  • A theory abandoned but still compelling
    Paul MacLean’s triune brain theory. – By Peter Farley
  • Mapping the future of medicine
    With the largest grant ever, Yale is assembling resources to help clinical scientists focus on ideas—and leave the red tape to others. – By Jill Max
  • Is the straight road too narrow?
    Demands for cures and a flat NIH budget are putting pressure on scientists to produce findings that go right to the bedside. Still, there’s value in finding what you’re not looking for. – By Pat McCaffrey
  • A life’s work on Indonesia
    Even as a medical student, Kinari Webb knew where she wanted to practice medicine. Now, she and her ecologist husband are working to bring health care to Borneo—while preserving the rain forest. – By Jill Max