Each year, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) conducts an independent review of advances in clinical cancer research to identify those that have the greatest potential impact on patients’ lives. “Clinical Cancer Advances 2011: Annual Report on Progress Against Cancer From the American Society of Clinical Oncology” features 54 significant studies, including 12 that the editors consider major advances.

This year’s Clinical Cancer Advances also recaps the year’s most important cancer policy developments and ASCO policy initiatives that are likely to influence cancer care in the coming years. These include developments that could accelerate the pace of clinical cancer research progress and ensure access to quality cancer care for patients.

The report was developed under the direction of an 18-person editorial board comprising prominent oncologists, and only studies that significantly altered the way a cancer is understood or that had a direct effect on patient care were included. The editors—including specialty editors for each of the disease- and issue-specific sections—reviewed research presented at major scientific meetings and studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals during a 1-year period (October 2010-September 2011).