In 1970, Donald Pinkel’s article, “Drug Dosage and Remission Duration in Childhood Lymphocytic Leukemia,” received mixed reviews. The paper, later published in Feb. 1971 in Cancer, was rejected by the Journal of Pediatrics. However, in a personal letter, Emil Frei lauds it as “an extremely important article.”

Both letters are reproduced below and available for download.

June 10, 1970

Dear Dr. Pinkel:

I regret to tell you that your manuscript “Drug Dosage and Remission Duration in Childhood Lymphocytic Leukemia” is not acceptable for publication in the Journal of Pediatrics. I am enclosing selected comments from the reviewers in the hope that these will be helpful to you.

I am sorry for the somewhat longer delay in arriving at a decision regarding this manuscript, and as usual hope you will continue to consider the Journal of Pediatrics for your publications.

All best personal wishes.

Very sincerely,
Arthur E. McElfresh, M.D.


September 1, 1970

Dear Don:

I had the privilege of reviewing your article entitled “Drug Dosage and Remission Duration in Childhood Lymphocytic Leukemia”. It is an extremely important article since it demonstrates, I believe, for the first time the very important fact that the dose of combination chemotherapy may substantially influence the duration of response. In addition, the 17% five year survival for your last four studies is impressive indeed.

My very best to you, Marita and the family.

Sincerely yours,

Emil Frei, III, M.D.
Associate Director (Clinical Research)