The Cancer Letter invited Donald “Skip” Trump, former chief executive officer and executive director of Inova Schar Cancer Institute, to review “Tamoxifen Tales: Suggestions for Scientific Survival,” by V. Craig Jordan.

Tamoxifen Tales: Suggestions for Scientific Survival

As Trump writes, Jordan is considered the father of targeted therapy, and “tells the tale of his journey to become a highly accomplished and award-winning scientist.” 

He outlines along the way his remarkable body of work, focusing on the development of tamoxifen as an agent used in the treatment and prevention of breast cancer,” Trump writes. “Reflection on the work outlined in this book fully supports recognizing Dr. Jordan as the ‘father of tamoxifen,’ and arguably the entire class of agents, which has become known as selective estrogen receptor modulators.”

A link to the review by Trump appears here.

Jordan is professor of breast medical oncology and molecular and cellular oncology at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The forward of “Tamoxifen Tales: Suggestions for Scientific Survival,” as well as chapter 10, are made available by ScienceDirect in the links below and are free and open access. Chapters on Jordan’s decision to write the book, a prelude, and abstracts for additional chapters are also available here.

The book is available for purchase here.