Published September 21, 2016

This Special Series issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology, a journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, addresses health disparities from a global perspective. The following introduction is authored by editors Olufunmilayo, MBBS, FACP, FASCO and Charles R. Thomas, Jr., MD, FASCO.

We elected to move past an exhaustive recitation of statistics, but charge the contributors to develop ideas around achievable practical solutions to reduce health disparities and to identify opportunities for research. Furthermore, we felt that it was imperative that this issue reflect a worldwide perspective because some of the major disparities are, in part, strongly related to geography, culture, and socioeconomic status. Health disparities are present and well documented among poor and rich countries and within poor and minority populations in the same country. We hope this issue of the Journal will galvanize health care providers, industry, and policy makers in all regions of the world to work cooperatively on developing novel strategies to reduce global cancer disparities.

Continue reading the introduction, Disparities in Cancer Care: A Worldwide Perspective and Roadmap for Change, or view the following articles in the issue: