The following narrative describes over 100 years of AACR history.  From the simple beginning of a few scientists gathering to share information to the multifaceted organization that exists today, the growth of the AACR reflects the increasing complexity of our our understanding of the collection of devastating diseases we now know as cancer.

Our history is divided into eras, and the accompanying timeline gives the details of first events and links to supporting information, including lists of officers, directors, award winners, and others. No history could possibly cite all of the many people worldwide who have contributed to the success of the AACR in its vital mission. This history is dedicated to the tireless men and women who work to conquer cancer.

110th Anniversary

In 2017, the AACR celebrated 110 years of supporting lifesaving cancer research. At the AACR Annual Meeting 2017, a special display and publication titled “Landmarks in Cancer Research” commemorated the seminal discoveries and events that took place over the past 110 years. In addition, a video was presented during the Opening Ceremony of the AACR Annual Meeting 2017.

You can find a full timeline of AACR’s history from 1907 to the present here.